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Teresa Kok ‘kinda’ blew it for women politicians with CNY video

READERS’ COMMENTS: Politics is largely a man's domain, so for a woman to be heard and taken seriously, she has to overcome all sorts of criticisms and presumptions as to her capabilities. For a very long time, I regarded Teresa Kok as one politician I could look up to. Someone intelligent, compassionate and knowledgeable.

I care not about her personal life (it's nobody's business frankly) but I do take issue with the CNY video she put out. I assumed (wrongly) that as a member of parliament Teresa would fight our battles in Parliament, not in front of a camera, posing as a TV chatshow host. That video was in bad taste, more so because it has given the BN ammunition to attack her along racial and religious lines. A very foolish political move on her part.

She could have put her time to better use by calling for unity despite our country's many ills. That's the Teresa I thought I knew. She cannot play the victim now when she herself caused this silly and now, overblown fiasco to happen in the first place. In my view, she kinda blew it for women politicians. -- Sasha Pranth

Salome Rose: Being a woman politician is 3x more difficult. I have personally met Teresa Kok, Nurul Izzah and some others, and must say they are women of substance. I salute you, ladies.

Ramasamy S Pandian: Whether it's negative or positive remarks, only self- confidence will take them to success. Must be stronger than before. Keeping climbing the ladder, ladies! Great effort.

David Hwang Hong Shi: They are the assets in Parliament fighting for the just cause of the rakyat. They make sacrifices to ensure that the people are served for the betterment of their lifestyle.

Lee Yoke Meng: Yea. Well-written article. Bravo to these ladies. Had they gone into the commercial world they would have been top, top CEOs and directors.

James Tan: They are one of a kind. Tough, resolute and the go-getters. Funny though but I don't see such in the BN side. Maybe they are sleeping.

Peter Nac: Well said, Francis. Your effort is highly appreciated.

Mathaven Rajoo: These are women in action today.

Khim: What about other women politicians in BN (of which some have been shamed and ridiculed)? They also need the same honour and respect from us? Why only these politicians from Pakatan?

Mey Lim: So in Malaysia we can't even criticise indirectly those Evil Spirits who rob, steal, lie and threaten the citizens? So all Yen Yen who put lives in threat and Rosmah who spent the country's money like her father's loot are Angels to you ah?

These comments are based on the article “Even if they stumble, honour and respect our women politicians”

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