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Rocking cellos and oom pah pah

KUALA LUMPUR: Instead of the dramatic, low, mournful drone of the cello, the crowd at Laundry Bar at The Curve were treated to the rare sight of five cellists going berserk on rock.

The rocking cellos of Paladin literally shook the raised stage and the audience were enthralled as they crowded around, trying to get as close to the musicians as possible.

Comprising five cellists and one drummer, the group’s cohesion showed when they made the transition from rock to nostalgia smoothly into the mellow strains of Fantasia Bulan Madu with surprise, surprise, Amy Search singing a few stanzas with them!

Paladin members Idill, Rasyid, Iqbal, Florian and Aamil, have only come together as a group seven months ago. Keen on expressing their passion for their personal music selections, the group has moved away from playing pure classical and experimented with rock and alternative music.

All members are professional cellists in their own right and either teach, perform as sessionists or with orchestral groups.

How comfortable a living do professional cellists and independent musicians make?

“We manage. We could be paid RM3,000 to RM4,000 for a gig and enough of this plus our regular jobs makes it fairly comfortable,’’ spokesperson Aamil Sulaiman tells The Heat.

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