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Shafie Apdal's snipe on Teresa Kok video misdirected

COMMENT: As a Sabah native, it is understandable for Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal to snipe at an opposition MP's political satire-laced Chinese New Year video, which apparently touched on violence in the East Malaysian state.

Though perhaps his claims were misdirected.

As reported by national news agency Bernama, Shafie lambasted the video by DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok featuring a guest, Master Yan Yan, who said Malaysians who go to Sabah may experience kidnapping and see "open fire".

Shafie wrongfully attributed the remark to mean the Lahad Datu invasion, urging action against Kok for the video which he alleged poked fun at a serious security matter and alluded that it cheapens the death of security personnel in the incident.

But anyone who has seen the video will notice the jab here is on continuing piracy and kidnappings in Sabah which is still a concern despite previous operations and now with the post-Lahad Datu excursion Eastern Sabah Security Command.

A concern that the Sabah press and elected representatives have continued to highlight.

The recent murder and kidnapping involving Taiwanese nationals, a case in point in Malaysia's porous border with our sometimes troublesome Philippine neighbour.

Granted the political satire may be a tad off colour, but the issues it poked fun at are valid concerns. Indeed as a Sabah native perhaps Shafie should express the same concern that piracy and sporadic kidnappings still occur at regular intervals.

More so, Shafie may not be the person with the best standing to cry outrage, considering he had once defended an Umno general assembly delegate's call for the BN-led government to change 1Malaysia to 1Melayu.

While Shafie softened the issue by saying that as Umno's core strength was Malay support, it is okay to support Malays. That was not the only thing that was the issue.

What he in essence defended was also the call for Chinese to be punished for purportedly being responsible for BN's losses in GE13.

Despite his talks about being sensitive of people's feelings when lambasting Kok's video.

Indeed Shafie's own party Umno may not have the moral standing to criticise Kok's video too when their sense of humour lacking grassroots goons have been known to threaten non-Malays with May 13, of all things over kangkung.

Much has also been insinuated about the opposition by Umno and BN, from being LBGT sympathisers to foreign agents and "dangerous" liberals.

I guess the thing to remember is that all adage, all's fair in love and war, and politics too.

And especially, if you ridicule your enemies, expect them to do the same to you, and you should be able to take as much crock of excrement as you shovel it out yourself.

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